Do you know what exactly is culture??? The definition of culture, borrowing Steve Job’s expression, culture is not just what is advertised on paper; it about what you believe, how you think and how you carry out the activities. In essence, culture is the collective identity of people within an organization, their approaches, their perspectives and their behavior which ultimately shape the character and identity of the company.

Previously, we shared Pro80’s vision and mission, and now we will introduce you to Pro80’s core values. These value holds substantial roles within the company, shaping its long-term development and success.


Pro80’s Core Values Encompass The Following 5 Key Points:

1. Communication Approach: Transposition Thinking

This value not only makes us aware of our own needs but also the needs of others. We believe that in every decision and interaction, it is important to consider other’s perspectives. This is the key to establishing genuine connections. We encourage employees to actively seek different viewpoints, promoting diversity and inclusivity. We believe that listening to diverse voices can help us find the best solutions. Lastly, thinking from other perspectives, and understanding other needs is vital for effective communication, internal teamwork, and achieving mutual beneficiary client relationships.


2. Goal-Oriented: Goal-Oriented Mindset

This way of thinking emphasizes that employees should begin with the end results in mind. In doing so, all decision-making and actions are directed by the ultimate goals, ensuring a clear and straightforward path while reducing confusion. We encourage employees to think about every goal in terms of the endpoint view, no matter if it is a big goal or a small one. We believe that this approach enables us to accomplish tasks more efficiently within the time set frame. Although the result may not always be positive, we can adjust based on the current circumstances and understand the reason for both success and failure, using these experiences to generate more value.


3. Team Approach: Mutual Respect for Win-win Cooperation

In our company, we are not just a collection of employees; we are a close-knit team. We firmly believe that true greatness is achieved through shared responsibilities and collectively addressing challenges. The idea of sharing and bearing together is not just a slogan within our team; it is a way of life for each one of us. We offer support to one another and progress hand in hand because we understand that through collaboration, we can unleash our potential to unlock more possibilities. Whether we are facing challenges or celebrating success, we stand united. We firmly believe that everyone has a unique contribution. In our culture, everyone strives for the greater good. Lastly, we emphasize the importance of collaboration and win-win scenarios, not only within our internal team but also in our relationships with our clients, suppliers, and partners.


4. Belief: Pursuit of Excellence

In our company, excellence is our guiding principle, we firmly believe that only through an unwavering pursuit of excellence, we can bring our vision to fruition, outperform our competitors, and progress as an unstoppable force. Our culture reflects our dedication to excellence. We encourage employees continually to challenge themselves, push their limits, and never settle for mediocrity. Each achievement represents a new milestone in our pursuit of excellence, and every challenge is an opportunity we enthusiastically embrace. We take pride in the dynamism and innovation of our company, with every member striving to tap into their potential for the sake of our shared goal. Excellence is not merely a destination; it is a mindset, a relentless quest for perfection. It infuses every aspect of our business activities and decision-making. We uphold high standards, consistently striving to provide our customers with the finest products and services.


5. Decision-making: Be Prepared for Danger in Times of Peace

We firmly believe that long-term success and maintaining the leading position in a competitive business environment can be only achieved by remaining vigilant and adaptable. This approach prevents us from becoming complacent and ensures that we do not stop on past achievements. We encourage our employees to remind themselves constantly that each day brings a new challenge and need to stay prepared. This not only helps them identify new opportunities but also a potential hidden risk. By recognizing potential issues and taking proactive measures, we only can protect ourselves against adverse consequences. Thus, by continuing to question the status quo, we can be better equipped to discover new innovative solutions and deliver greater value to our customers. Our customer placed their trust in us because we consistently maintain a vigilant attitude.


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